Friday, August 17, 2007

Hong Kong Part 2- Stanley

Well as you peeps know, I met up with super duper typhoon pabuk in Hong Kong so we were all confined to being indoors most of the time. But thanks to Ada, I managed to take that almost roller coaster 40 mins bus ride to stanley where I went way overboard in my spending .. I even bought a chinese seal with my chinese name on it .. sounds like a scrapbook page coming along too .. just need to get it back. Here are some pictures of stanley ...

Stanley Street Sign ... :)

Picture of my yummy "lai cha" (milk tea) and Butter'ed Toast .. had it in a very quaint shophouse along the lanes ... yum yum ...

This is the main lane of Stanley where they have really nice cafes and restaurants with a fantastic sea view

This picture is of the back of stanley but to those who is going to stanley by bus this will be the view u get ... plenty of ang mohs .. :) which is great cause then I can find shoes and clothes in my size rather than the puny sizes u get in the malls .. :P

My loot from Stanley stands at :

Chinese Seal with Name
"SHUANG XI" lithographic print
1 pair of patent red shoes
2 t-shirts
5 pcs of linen laundry bags
1 pair of flo jo slippers

and .. thats alll ... :)

Next post will be when I go galivanting ard HK island .. :)


Anonymous said...

I so envious...I also wanna go...!

twosweetkids said...

must show me your patent red shoes!