Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A whirlwind of a weekend

The weekend passed in a blink of the eye... I sooo wanna turn back time. The wedding was a blast and it was soooooo lovely to see becky finally married. Cannot belive that all that planning and preparing was such hard work but to finally see it to the end was unbeliveable.

Was a great weekend of meetings and catching up with friends from all over, but the best was KK coming down all the way from KL to attend the wedding... immediately after a 8 day conference in Cebu ... kekeke he din even go home and come lugging all that dirty laundry .. keeekek .. I have not had rest since the wedding but it was all worth it ... meeting up with andrew who flew in from HK, Mark who came back from Fujian where he is based and also meeting up with jamie from Seoul... I absolutely love such meetings and gathering of old friends which makes me wanna go back to the time where there were only a few KMs between us... but now there is a few thousand KM between us and the long air travel time to consider... so such gatherings are soooooooo good for the soul..

I am heartened to know that althou we have not met up for the longest time, we can still fall back on old friendships and have the wackiest time ever. Althou we all look like our ages.. and some even with re-ceeding hairlines... heheeh Yes ... not going bald but receeding hairlines .. bwahhaahah .. but this weekend was the funniest ever .. why did we all have to grow up ??? I DUN WANNAAA GROW UP...

There are no photos because ..I simply did not take any ... not any that I think I could post .. was too bz "torturing" the brothers and stuffing my face with good food anyways... have to wait for Daniel to give me the photo of me in my gown thou .. bwahahahah .. yes .. NO PHOTOS .. ahaha

Well, I should be getting some rest pretty soon .. kekeke most of them have gone back home to their work and responsibilities but I am meeting up with some of the UNC gang this friday with Mark ..which is sooooo gonna be a blast again .. cannot wait .. till then ... work beckons .. *BLEAH*

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