Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music for the soul

I have been downloading songs into my nano .. and Gosh ... Music is really food for the soul ... I have been neglecting my CD Collection for the longest time and with me loading my fav songs to itunes and listening to the songs without the TV brought me back to the time when I was in au .. staying at TEDS where i went without watching TV for 7 months.. bwahahahah (yes ... see I CAN LIVE WITHOUT TV). And the songs are songs which bring back MEMORIES... like the times they accompanied me thru MATHS ... and horrible subjects like legal studies ... blah .. and the times which Aaran and myself was blasting during the weekends like the PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES (whatever happened to that Grp) and waking drunks with hungover the size of Ozzieland.. not that it helped that we were also Half drunk battling hangovers with more booze .. oh the life of Hostel life... ME LIKEY ...

During Supper with J and KJ today reminded me that it was almost 10 years ago where we "chatted" with friends over TELNET and IRC-ing over the unix system .... kekek MIRC was not heard of till 97 my dears .. and the late nights chatting and "buaya-ing " we did (which brought me much joy and sorrows, Karma is really shitty I swear) and the friendship that still stands. OH how I wish I could really turn back the clock ... There are many friends I made over IRC which I wished I had made more of an effort to upkeep and maintaned .. Friends which have came and went .. but I really treasure the friends I Made during my years in UNI .. and still keep in contact ... So if you are reading this and know me ... and is still my friend .. U ARE THE BEST ... BFF ... bwahhaah see how cool me is now .. bwahahahah

The best thing that have happened to me recently would have to be the first msg I typed to KJ recently .. bwahaah .. that led to more messages and a dinner with the rest of the NC group and more dinners and coffee and chats and MAD MAD Stuff .. seriously .. like I was telling J .. I met KJ more times the last 2 weeks than the last 9 years ... bwaahahha after a whole good 9 years... hahah see .. if you are still on my MSN list (which alot of you peeps are... MSG MSG MSG ) ..I plomise no more long absences from these friendships ....

now ... it is seriously time to sleep ... 2 am is not very healthy .... not when B's wedding is 2 weeks away ... Me no wanna be a panda ..

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