Saturday, November 17, 2007

Batam again

Went over to our nearest indonesian island yesterday with J and S ... and boy was it a fun day ....

We had so much fun shopping, doing our hair and basically chatting like old times (ie circa uni days ... )

These days , I have been kept busy meeting old friends and making new friends outside scrapbooking ... and Thank goodness for friends like KJ who is basically as mad as me .. wahahahahah .. we both can roam the streets doing nothing .. bwahahahh .. except eat ... which is goood for the soul but seriously bad for the body .... but good ...

Have to do this more often ... good for the soul ..

On another note ..

I have been feeling better recently ..been kept busy with B's wedding preparation and nothing more ... kekekek have not been scrapping for abit .. and slowing down participation in forums .. been out of touch with the scrapping world for quite abit .. so dun forget me so soon okay ?? I will be back .... soon .. :)

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