Monday, May 19, 2008

I am back!!!

yuppitty yup .. I am back from KL .. and I had quite a blast there ... :)

got to meet up with really old friends, chilled out with them, talked abt old times and the future and kept up to date with their lives, pretty cool too . Was happy at how some of their lives have turned out after they took the risk and came out to do their own business and how it is now thriving .. happy happy ..

KL was also my shopper's haven .. hahaha .. yeap .. got meself a brand new shoe wardrobe (7 pairs) and also clothes .. woohoo .. all those plus sized gals can now go to Miss Read at the pavillion to shop for clothes at super cheap prices too .. and I also went mad at xixili .. kekekek

Am now planning in my head .. when the next trip to KL is cause I sure had a blast with M Kor kor and KK ... wooohoooo

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* * j o y c e * * said...

Hi Sharon! I was at the Laine's April crop party with you. I was sitting right at the corner opp Wati :-)

I read about Miss Read in Pavillion with large size shoes? Wow, you've got 7 pairs?!!

I always have problem shopping for cheap shoes in BKK, HK etc... So, if you know where else to get big sized shoes, please let me know :-)

I wear size 9 or 41.

p/s Sorry but I got a very out-dated blog site here... trying to get a revamp...