Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wonders of the Internet

I have just finished speaking to a friend over skype .. T is in Seoul, Korea and is a friend whom I have known for almost a decade .. 10 years ago I was still editing his english essays and stuff and now he is making plans to get married, and migrate to Australia for good.

I have been meeting friends lately from my pre SB days and is feeling rather good and thankful for friends like that .. take M for instance, I met him while I was in Australia and He was in Manitoba and the thing that made us meet was the IRC .. yes .. hahahaah the internet Relay Chat .. . Can u imagine .. 12 years ago a Singaporean and a Malaysian had a short chat and 12 years later we are great friends and confidantes ... even thou we have only met for a few times these last 12 years we have stayed friends and chatted thru MSN after returning back to our home countries... I must have been really good to have friends like that in my life..

Also my bestie Michelle who is in Beijing at the moment .. luckily for email and daily updates, I am sorta living my china adventures thru her.. althou i know that she is rather lonely there but Mich .. DUNCH worry .. T said that it is velly cheap for him to go visit u ... so maybe u can expect him to pop by before he leaves Han guk ....

These friends are sorta the anchors in my life.. ppl whom I look to when I was rather messed up and pulled me up from the deepest of despair.. and thank you M for responding to my desperate long distance SMSes for help .. and those comforting words... MUAKZ .. ..

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