Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bored in Jakarta

today was quite a bz day for me .. went up north of JKT to meet a client (abt 1 hour drive away) and den went to another client's place near the hotel .. and walked back to the hotel (i think my lungs are full of exhaust fumes) .. braved crossing a big road without traffic lights (scary shit) ... but was quite an eye opener .. so far ..

Jkt traffic would actually be quite good if only there was proper planning in the first place but den again ..it is now too late .. wanted to go check out a mall in the evening but decided against it when I figured that it would take me abt an hour in traffic (peak Hour) and den by den the shops would be closed so I am stuck at the hotel eating room service and watching Cable TV ... and surfing .. gotta make my money's worth ..

Tmr will be a long day with the remaining customers to visit and waiting for another one to arrive from Surabaya .. and maybe if there is time .. to go check out the night life in JKT with Ciska .. kekek .. oh well .. will see if it will actually happen .. heheheeh ..

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