Thursday, March 20, 2008

packing ...

to go home.. it sure has been a looooonggggg 5 days... and I cannot wait to go home tmr .. kekek buggered that we are not able to get an earlier flight so the normal late flight will be the confirmed one ..

Got another meeting tmr morning and I am done .. Have heard horror stories about mangga Dua .. so I may not be going there .. so maybe will go to EX mall instead ..

I just got back from a dinner meeting .. and boy did it took long manz ... kekeke .. it is now 11.30pm jkt and 12.30am tmr in sg .. and i just finished dinner *burp* .. went to this really cool place thou for seafood .. it is some sort of theme park (ancol) and it is actually similar to Seafood Market in BKK and SG ..just open air and u eat al fresco .. beside a river ?? bwahhah .. lucky it was late and cannot see the water ...*bleah* ..

Got a few photos .. will download in SG .. :) ..

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