Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am on leave today .. for 2 whole glorious days .. and I intend to fully make use of it to .... LAZE ard ... 1st day of leave today and it is now 5pm .. wat did i do today ... well I woke up at 12pm .. YES .. 12 NOON .. wooohooo .. can you belive it .. yes me being the pig that I am .. anyways .. I have cleaned up my scrap area, arranged the papers (i swear those things just gave birth or something, i dun remember me having bought that many papers .. i swear ... ) and den making a fine mess again ... M call earlier and asked me to have dinner with Mr and Mrs Smith plus kids .. and maybe I will. Tmr will be a bz day with me going to TVC to help pack and move stuff to the event venue. And den to Telok Kurau to pop into E's new studio (cannot wait to see the space she created for us to gather.. ) and also down to MWL for the make and take . it is gonna be a super bz day tmr .. and for saturday when Fun with Fontwerks with Mrs Smith will happen .. whooppee doo ..

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