Sunday, April 1, 2007

I miss my Mommy !!!!

Mom has gone on a super long holiday to Hong Kong and her hometown of Shun Tak in Guangzhou Province .. and I miss her ...... ok ok .. I miss her cause i realised that the house is super duper messy ... and having to do my own laundry is .... AGRHH .. how on earth did i go thru soo much clothes over the week .. 2 loads of laundry .. seriously 2 whole full loads .. argh ... and the mess in my bed room .. argh .. I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. but with her not ard, this gives me a good chance to give my room a good cleaning and also start throwing away stuff .. that has been sitting ard for the longest time ...

Mommy will be home tuesday .. cannot wait .. now back to the wash ..

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