Saturday, April 28, 2007

Scrapbooking - Labor of Love?

Over MSN earlier this morning :

K - "the forum" is really a labor of love ... no real returns ...

which set me thinking ... Scrapbooking, the forum and being involved is really a passion .. a passion to really want to bring scrapbooking to another level in SG. I am in abit of a pain at the moment with the commitment level some of us are bringing into the team/ the forum. It is hard when I cannot get the level of commitment I need or even answers and also in the search for our missing "team" members.

There is alot of not open knowledge stuff that I will not post here, but I have to put it down on record that .. I am very tired .. tired of chasing after stuff.. tired of being the cheerleader ... and I might just fly that aeroplane once and never come back ...



Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon(my second attempt to post this) :

Sorry to hear about your weariness. Need to apologise for not being an active contributor at the forum - maybe 'cos I think I don't have the knowledge to share, cannot commit the time(was so addicted to the forum till I forgot my primary calling(ie a homemaker, and my family welfare should come first beside God's works).

I may not be able to totally understand your frustrations but want to share that you have done a great job and they are much appreciated.

Hope that you will get your joy back, the weariness will go off and you will not lost your passion in scrapbooking.



StormMummy said...

Hmm, cheer up cousin. Things will get better!

Anonymous said...

arh wellz.... wat to do... just have to hope for the best!!!


Kristy Harris said...

I had a great time chatting yesterday and I know where you are coming from Sister... what ever road you take... it is the path you need to be on.

How's that for a bit of wisdom on a Sunday!

twosweetkids said...

oh well, you just do the best you can, go along for the ride and hope for the best. good luck, and chin up!

Anonymous said...

Hi, hope things will get better for you.

Terence said...

Thanks for putting in so much effort in the forum. I am so sorry for missing myself out in the forum activites. you've done a great job, dun stress yourself. Tell us what problems you have. I'll try my very best to put in my committment, ask me when you need help. :) I really love the forum. Let's bring this to another level. T O G E T H E R.