Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Weekend

Yeap ... had the busiest week ever ... and even included the weekend too .. did not feel relaxed at all .. been bz since monday .. see last post ..

Had the Second of my Merry Go Round class today and I guess what they say about experience the 2nd time round makes things easy .. It was good that I had a smaller class that day cause today ALL my students managed to finish their box ... and one even her album . .. and all within the time limit .. one even finished 45 mins before time .. how cool was that .. :) Thank you gals for coming to join me in this class .. :)

Packing for Brunei is more or less quite done except for my clothes and stuff .. the SB stuff that I am bringing is done .. so check list is rather okay already .. BEV AND IRENE .. dun faint when u see me at the airport with huge suitcases .. There better be good shopping there .. if not .. i will be lugging KERO-POK home .. hahahaha

tmr is the start of a short work week for me .. 3 days and I will be off ... wooo hooo.. but i have dinner appointments every single day ... and there is a huge pile of paper work for macho pawz to do before brunei .. gosh ... I need to slow down .. now if i can only bring MP paper work to work .. ahahahaha ... shhhh dun tell the bosses .. HAHAHAH

Okay toodles .. I need to go sleep cause my feet is killing me .. 5 hours on my feet is BAD!!!!! ..

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