Friday, April 16, 2010


This do do bird has just realised that actually you peeps have been commenting and need me to okay the comments before publishing .. got me worried that nobody reads my blog anymore :(

and yes Janiah, Plans are finalised and YES I AM GOING TO BRUNEI at the end of april for 2 classes @ shabby chic. it is amazing how much I enjoy going to the sultanate and meeting all my friends there again. I am soooo looking forward to meeting up with the girls .. and of course my lovely "twin" there too .... so girls in brunei .. do sign up for the classes. SEATS ARE VERY LIMITED ...

What else have I been up to recently ? Well I have been pretty busy designing classes not just for brunei but also for Made with Love. Yes, I have a class starting in MAY and of course I am chanelling my inner Tim Holtz to this class .. Amazing end project if I should say so .. so do watch out for it.

In response to recent commentors ..

Mich : Kekeke .. rustic colors hor ..

Teri : Go to Gal .. you are THE artist .. ur work is awesome ..

Piradee : haha ain't that amazing, was just telling aida about that spinner...

Dizzycat : Yes cousin ... your cousin here is at your command .. :P

Okay signing off now .. toodles ..

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