Monday, April 26, 2010

2 more days ..

.. and I will be off to Brunei ... I will be landing in Bandar and then making my way down to Miri where the lovely H has extended a stay at her home . I heard that there are very exciting buys down there so I am super excited. The luggages are packed.. yes u read it properly, I am bring over sooo much stuff that I have to actually hand carry my clothes.. I have ONE WHOLE LUGGAGE FILLED TO THE BRIM with kits and yumminess....

On another happier note, I heard that both the classes are full already . I am very very grateful for the trust in signing up for the classes without even seeing the samples. Truly I am grateful .. If this works out .. maybe the classes will be taught ard the region too. Let your LSS know and I am sure we can work something out.

only 2 more days .... wooohooooooo


Jackie said...

You really finished packing with 2 days to go? You're actually getting hang of this aren't you? That's right, who needs clothes -- SB stuff should be packed first! hehehe.
Seriously counting down the days till your plane lands in Brunei. Till then, take care and see you very soon :)

sharon said...

Jackie .. haha yes actually u are right .. all the SB stuff has been packed and I will be literally hand carrying the clothes that I will need for the 5 days that I will be there .. kekeke I cannot wait to see u girls ..