Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello ?

Anybody there ??

Yes I realised that I am such a slacker .. almost forgot I got myself a blog actually. Yes, I have not been updating as regularly as I am supposed to .. but it is all gonna change .. YES ... CHANGE !!!!!
I promise to update weekly ?? haha.. I try i try ..

So that all that come in here will actually have something new to read abt me.

Oh let me recap since the last post ... I actually went to Hong Kong to celebrate my birthday with A and J ... it was sooo much fun really .. I must say that Hong Kong is one of the places that I do not mind visiting time and time again cause of the good shopping and good food .. and this time i even made my way to Lamma Island !!!! My photos are all uploaded to Facebook .. so do go take a look see look see.

I got a layout to upload later .. will do so when I get home cause I have a birthday dinner tonite too ... yes I am still celebrating my birthday ... so do send the presents over ...

so till later .... Toodles

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Chowchow said...

I am here. Not regularly but still here. Where is the layout that you are supposed to be uploading?