Friday, November 19, 2010

Time Time Time Time Time

Where did you go to ... TIME i need more time ... it has been a ridiculous period since I got back from HKG in Sept...

I have been preparing for a wedding ... not mine but the wedding of my cousin SP ... the wedding will be held at the St Regis Singapore, and I will be in charge of the deco for the reception table for the Chan Family Wedding even of the century. Even I am not spared wearing a gown to the event .. Hahaahh .... I definitely will take photos to upload so look out for it.
Brunei peeps .. Wait no longer.... Hehe .. I have been getting messages on FB and my phone as to when to expect me there .. Well all I can say is a weekend in early December... Hahahaha .. And basically .. I will be doing 4 .. Yes... Four Classes.. Lots of techniques and there are classes catered for the Beginner scrapbooker to the intermediate scrapbooker. And there is a special class that I really really really am pleased with the result ... It has topped mine and Irene's favourite list. I will also post when I get the go ahead from the nice gals from Shabby .. Should be anytime soon lah ... But plis go book your space with shabby first ... I heard that half of the class is already booked (yes even before they announced it ) so u all better act fast ...
There will also be a re-run of Junkful of Memories at MWL in Dec ... So do wait for Dec's Loveletter to look out for the classes ..

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