Friday, July 30, 2010

head's up - MWL AUGUST CLASS


Check out the sneak of my newest class at MWL in Aug... it is actually a mini album but a rolled up one ... heard that the class is hot hot hot .. and very technique based too be sure to be quick when it launches on the 1st of Aug ... dun say never give head's up to my blog readers...

I will be spending my weekend trying to get ... organized ... yeap .. i seem to be organizing stuff and packing stuff since .... like ages ago ?? but I am getting there ... i have to say .. the shelf has gotten space for the big shot to be placed there ... haha envious ??

on another note .... guess where I will be on my birthday this year .... will be spending it with friends in the pearl of the Orient ... 4 hours by plane northeast of Singapore .... kekekek WOOOOHOOO .. althou it will be a budget trip .. and not much intention of shopping .. It is a trip I am looking forward to because I get to spend it with friends ... wooooopeeedooooooo.... and of course I am gonna sneak in a visit to a couple of Scrapbook stores there too .....

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