Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Were you there ???

For the re-opening of Made With Love last Saturday ???? It was awesome... the theme was all dressed up ,... and all dressed up we did .. at the photo booth where they had all these wigs and boas and bow ties and stuff for us to dress up .... See how the DT's got creative !!!!


The shop looks totally big and bright and sooo good for shopping now. Everything has its own section and sorted too .. and there is even a stationery area !!!! woooo hooo.. check out the pics ....



makes you want to race down eh ??? kekekek .. My loot was not too scary .. only got a "few" stamps ... hahahaahah

I will not be having classes this July at the store but look out for an awesome class in August .. the sample is almost done and I AM LOVIN' IT!!!!

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