Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am back !!!

Yes yes, abit late in posting cause seriously .. i feel like i travelled around the world and back and suffering from the worst jet lag ever !!!! and to think it is only a 1hr 45min flight ...

Brunei was a blast and the 4 classes over the weekend was soooooo much fun. It was a whirlwind short short trip cause this time I think I did not even venture out of Gadong mall and the Hotel which was just next to the mall... those ppl are such slave drivers ... bwahahahah .. Soooo not !!!! they are the nicest people ever.... always looking out and helping out with the classes .

Here are some pictures of the lovely workshop participants.. They all do not look like they had fun but I can tell you that .. nope they did not .. I was driving them mad with all the sewing and cutting and measuring and scoring .. they almost wanted to drive me out of the class already .. ahahaha

here we have J and H being all serious .. can you imagine that this is the look they had even before class started and J had to have her sugar fix even before class ... we were that tired eh ....

and here is D and J .. those 2 girls are just soooo much fun to have in class lah ... sooo wacky and D you really crack me up ... u better send your kids to camp and finish up the WIP .. ekekek

here's the dental expert, S, smiling away .. love the contrast of the 2 persons in this photo ... S is so calm and collected and her neighbour L has the dun even talk to me now .. I am concentrating!!!!!

I did not take out my camera at all and all these photos were taken off S and SL's albums on Facebook .. what will we do without FB .. really !!!!!

We are truly deeply in December now and it is less than 2 weeks to Xmas .. did i tell you that I have NOT yet prepared anything .... can we turn back the clock ... I am not that greedy .. maybe turn it to abt ..... 1999 ... i will be happy .. ahahahahah ..

This Dec.. I will still be continuing Junkful of Memories at MWL ... and the dates are the 10th, 12th and 19th of the month. So do sign up for the classes ... will have so much fun and also .. look out for new classes in Jan .. I hope ... :)

Till next time .. Toodles !!!!

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Maya Ariffin said...

I miss all those fun!! :(( so sad... I couldn't come to your classes at all due to some reasons.. Uwaaaaaa~~