Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me !!!

Yeap yeap ... many many years ago (yes i am still in denial) I was born.. keke yeap SHARON CHAN came to the world .. ekeeke .. and today I turned ..XX years old .. bwahahahaha ..

Thank you very very much for all the Birthday SMSes and Msgs in Facebook and in the forums .. keke ..and also special emails and smses from Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and Across the causeway in KL ... I really really really Appreciate them very very very much .. thank you thank you and also for the loud LOUD LOUD purple wish all the way from brunei .. I feel very loved .. keeke

Here are the presents I got this year .. kkeke
Yeap yeap the pre-requisite flowers from S & J , LSS vouchers from S&J and Ang pows .. I love how my relatives and friends are the really practical kind .. all these will go to the CHA fund .. kekekek wooohooo ...

Yes I feel so loved ... and blessed to have such special people ard me ..



Renoa said...

Happy Birthday to You Sharon!!
Hey, I looked at your arylic album and it was gorgeous!!! I'm crazy for hambly and you did it fabulously with all the paints and cs.. i just got inspired!!hehe

Anyway, what kind of pen did you use on the sheer Maya Road journal? I used black Zig but it wasn't really clear as yours..

Vivs said...

Happy belated birthday sharon! hope you had a great one! many happy returns. loving the pages here