Friday, September 26, 2008

It's finally here !!!!

Have not gotten my copy yet but .. it's printed and here .. wooo hooo ..

See my layout on the cover ... yeap COVER GIRL .. bwahahah *Shameless toot* .. :)

Get your copy here !!!

I am a happy happy gal now


lialuvsblythes said...

CONGRATULATIONS, SHARON!!! Waaaaa, my friend got 'published' lah!

Can't wait to see it IRL! Umn ... now I gotta suck up to you ah? hee!

jaz lee said...

CONGRATS Sharon...!!!u deserve it,your work is beautiful! my 1st time coming by yr blog and loving your work ;) love yr BG layout,yr Webster is yummy ;)-jaz

sharon said...

Lia : yah yah ... quick get your vacum cleaner ready.. bwahahaha ..

Jaz : thanks for coming by :)

Maya Ariffin said...

Wohooo!!! WTG Sharon!!! U deserved it ;) hmm..Maybe I'll get a copy of this too ;)