Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i've been tagged

by scrappermaya ...

3 Golden Rules:

• State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself
• The 10 people you tag are then to follow your footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
• No tag back (:

1. I am afraid of small furry animals .. example : rats, mouse, hamsters, gerbils .. Yeap ... even in their stuff toy version .. freaks me out

2. I am scared of cats. Yes, I can tolerate it but let me touch me and I will Jump to high heavens . And yes stuff toys of cats too.

3. I am the laziest walker ever, I will not walk to go get food .. but I will walk ages to get to a scrapbook or art store.

4. I wept at soppy shows thats why I dun go to the cinemas to watch sad sad movies.

5 . I read anything .. from the back of food packs to shampoo labels.

6. I have to use my own loo. It gives me the creeps to use loos outside but if i have to .. I would ..

7. I need my 3 ply loo paper .

8. I love to organise my scrap area .. it makes me wonder sometimes if i buy all those stuff to organize rather than scrap .

9. I am a sleepy piggy. I can sleep till the cows come home ..

10. I need an alarm clock to wake me up for work and things that require me to be awake before noon on weekends.

11. I am a recovered winnie the pooh hoarder. Uni mates would know this for a fact.

12. I collect other stuff too .. like Coke stuff, Teddy Bears and hard rock cafe shot glass.

13. I am addicted to the internet.

14. I stalk stranger's blog so much that they seem to be my friends too..

15. I can eat ice cream any time... wintery weathers are the best for ice cream ...

I am tagging ..


god .. who else ??? ahahah oh well .. if anybody who reads this blog and wanna do this .. consider urself tagged ..bwahahahah

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