Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's finished .. sorta

Okay .. It is finally finished and I hope the gals at Shabby likes what I did with my kit :). Hint : they are smallish but full of techniques. Have some ideas left over and maybe I can add more to the collection ..hehehe ..

I was quite inspired with the papers .. heheh and did 2 layouts just now .. very simple ones with the left over papers and I am gonna pass them to Bev when she gets here and see if she wants to bring them back too .. kekkek .... me is soo shameless eh .. macam like I do they sure take like dat .. bwahahahahah .. but den again it was a re-found love affair with the brand I sorta "broke up" some time ago .. so I was super inspired.

It is already Tuesday and 3 more work days before the weekend begins and I can't wait.. not that I have anything planned but I have all these ideas for organizing my scrap area properly .. and I just need time ... TIME TIME TIME .. and also I need to find my MS office for Mac... which is lost or rather misplaced under all that junk I love ... need to find it cause I just finished writing the project product lists and it was no joke .. bwahahahahahh

yawnz .. almost midnight.. Am gonna go crash .... tata .. nitey nitez

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