Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scrapbooking in the News

Hey hey .. a little birdie told me that they will be featuring Scrapbooking in the SUNDAY TIMES life section in tmr's paper ... check it out .... Am scrapping now ... will post when there is light ..


Maya Ariffin said...

Hi Sharon!! Know wat?? I've been to ShabbyChic yesterday & saw your ATC!! I really like it!! I want to try to make a few someday! I felt your card w/ my bare hands no gloves! Hehehe.. Anyway how long u made all the card? Where did u buy the stamp behind ur card, that ATC stamps almost on every card? I love stamps very much.. :D

sharon said...

Hi Princess

ahhh ... so u went down to Shabby this weekend eh .. kekek .. thanks for the lovely comment. The ATC Stamp is from Catslife Press (Shabby are u listening ???) they have pretty coool stamps. And most of my stamps used on those ATCs a range of stamps from my collection but mostly from the Tim Holtz Range from Stampers Anonymous.

Oh yeah ... My ATCS dun need gloves la ... U need to touchy feeley the textures with all the embossing stuff ... Lia's the one that you need WHITE GLOVES to flip the pages and Shabby needs to showcase it in a glass enclosure.. heehhheeheh