Wednesday, December 3, 2008

has it really been a week ???

Exactly a week ago .. 2 gals in Singapore were frantically packing their bags for a journey ..

a journey that brought them to a place where they did not put in their MUST VISIT place .... Brunei ..

Brunei a small sultanate in the island of borneo was an adventure .. and an adventure it was for me .. New sights, new sounds, New Smells... and the best of all were the people I got to meet ... SCRAPBOOKERS .. every one of you made this whole trip so memorable that yes I am homesick .. u peeps made me feel so much at home ... Thank you all .. *MUAKZ*

Will update with more photos this weekend when I should have more time .. I hope ..

time for me to go to bed and dream of BSB ...


Anonymous said...

Hehe..still on BSB post?
owwh u really miss us don't you..don't be like that~~ you sound so local already!:D We miss you too!!

Come back~~

Maya Ariffin said...

Still 'homesick'?

We welcome u w/ open arm... but,but,but, give me those clear stamps first... LOL...

*sigh* wish to learn more from you.