Friday, March 27, 2009

Guess who is in town !!!

Just got back from dinner with 2 very lovely people .. who stays in a nearby sultanate ... YES, BEV and TOM is here in Singapore... woohooo .. how I missed them and we had a lovely japanese dinner with tons of Sashimi and Tempura ... I am very very full now .. not full of food but happiness cause we had a short chat of maybe going over ( girls in brunei can go Shout for joy now) .. hahha remember to bug them okay cause I am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (u get the idea) wanting to go back .. (bev .. stop tsking .. I am shameless .. told u already ) ..

Met up with another lovely lady from brunei last nite too and we did some SB shopping at Made with Love and hung out at the cafe... Jackie ... Thank you for the Keropok and that lovely lovely lovely card ...

and now i leave you with one layout I did of Hilda .. a really lovely lady whom I got a chance to meet in Brunei ... Hilda .. this is for u ... I passed this to Bev already ... hope u like it .. :) ..

(ps : Brunei Girls, keep a look out for layouts of Brunei soon .. i am starting on layouts of my Brunei Trip now ... ehehheh )

Luv ..


{ Yu'er } said...

love it! Btw, we miss you too! when you plan to come back?

Janijap said...

Hiii Sharon..
You coming back to see us??? when ..when?? he.. he...cant wait to see you again..