Friday, June 26, 2009

yadda yadda

Just got back from the doctor and yeap .. I have the early signs of flu .. u know .. achy bones and sneezing .. cough .. oh wells .. but good news is that I do not have the H1N1 Virus .. not yet anyways. Yeap my MSN nick says testing my luck... cause starting from next Saturday I will start my tour of the region .. bwahahahah .. yes gonna jet hop ard the region and is really looking forward to 2 of the trips .. yeah the 2 that ain't really work related .. hahaah ..

Have been researching HKG, wanna go do so many things .. and then Brunei also .. wanna go do alot more .. gotta research more and den blackmail Hilda to bring me ard .. ahahah if she wants back her luggage of SB stuff .. ahhaah me is evil ...

Speaking of being evil .. Have u Brunei Girls signed on for my class at Shabby Chic yet ? What are you waiting for if you have not .. Rush down to Gadong Mall and sign up NOW NOW NOW .. and also for Lia's and Em's classes too .. I promise that you girls will have a FANTASTIC Time .. in my class anyways .. hahahah ..

Collected my MWL DT kit yesterday too and boy am I happy cause I had BG to use .. wooopeedoo .. did you see what awesome stuff they had this time .. all i can say was that i did not walk out of the shop empty handed ..


Jackie said...

Yessireee.... I have signed up and seriously counting the days until you get here. So you better not get sick... you are not allowed to get sick! Not at this time! So take loads of vitamin C, kill that cold, and come on over!
Sending lots of love (he.he.he.), J.

Anonymous said...

eek! get well soon, babe. take plenty of fluids, and see you soon!