Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ok .. so I was in the city of Kuching the last 4 days .... nothing work related or scrapbook related but .. just a trip to chill out with friends .. doing nothing but eat ... laugh and play .. sounds like the perfect recipe to .... rejuvenate the soul .. and indeed it had ... like how I told my friend... it has actually been a very long time since I could laugh from the heart .. u know the kind where u laugh because u are really really happy and relaxed and without a care in the world ... like a child .. and not be worried about how people are gonna look at you ... totally good for the jaded soul !! it was so good that we all agreed that periodic trips like that will renew the soul and have agreed to plan for more short trips with the gang!!! Totally looking forward to them !!! it is also good to know that you have friends that will tell you .... "the next time you come .. just call from the airport and I will be there to pick u up ... faster than teksi ... " ... yes Mr F1 Racer !!!! just tell us when .. and we will be booking the tickets !!!.. so where shall my next destination be ??? another place in borneo perhaps ??? or Kuala Lumpur ???? hehehehe

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