Friday, December 7, 2007


Only, 64 more days before CHA Winter 08 and I am officially inspired ... bwahahah I now have the urge to start scrapping ... BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!

On another note, Airtickets is still not confirmed but accomodations are .. thanks to K who is arranging them. I cannot wait to go to CHA for 10 whole glorious days ... wooohooo .. would it be too early to be packing my bags ? hehehe

Thanks to concerns abt me being sick sick sick .. I am on the road to recovery but my "SUPER DUPER DUPER SUPER" virus has hit no less than 3 persons .. bwahahah .. Hope they get well soon ..


twosweetkids said...

10 days/!?!?

sharon said...

yes cousin ... 10, 10 , 10 days .... woooohoooo