Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas

Wow, Christmas just came and went and in an hour and a half ... it would be gone.... tsk tsk ...

So what did I do for xmas this year, well met up with J and S for a xmas lunch at Jack's Place and went shop shop .. did not realise that the shopping mall was open for business and boy was it crowded.. today also marked the start of another sale season in Singapore with several Departmental stores starting their sales today. Scored a few tops at DP and Club Marc at fantastic Discounts .. think more than 50% .. kekekekek ..

On another note ... My whole stash of Winter wear is gone .. seriously .. was looking for them the other time and thought Cousin SP had them but nooooo .. it's all gone .. my "Fendi" jacket.. My Wool Sweaters .. my Fleece sweaters .. all gone .. have absolutely no idea where they all went .. sighz .. and I turned by wardrobe upside down .. bummer ... and I would not have felt so bad if not for the fact that I cannot wear the sizes found here in SG .. arghhhhhh


dizzycat said...

I feel so bad! I swear i returned them to you. Remember i went to your place with my mum and she even bought one of your black woolen hole-y top for $60 something? Yup, thats the day after i came back from US in Dec 2006 and oh yah, i passed you your victoria secrets panties on that day too!?!?! Sigh, i guess i have to be partly responsible cos if i didn't borrow it, you wouldn't have stashed them elsewhere...hehhehehe, well can i offer MY winter stash this time?

sharon said...

hahahah cousin .. no problem lah .. maybe an excuse to buy new ones ??? bwahahahahahahahahh