Sunday, January 27, 2008


Good Golly Gosh .. I never realised how many ppl reads my blog .. until Terence MSN'ed me abt me going to CHA ..

I wonder how many ppl actually reads .. I know a few of my SB friends read my blog and leaving me comments. But how many of you do read ?? maybe I shall do a give away of RAKs soon ?? hehehe .. now no time lah .. maybe after CHA ?? eheheheh

This weekend has been rather busy for me ... Made some pineapple Tarts for CNY .. not as many as previous years .. but at least some for guests that are coming over ..

I also popped by Ikea yesterday afternoon quickly to get this shelf i have been lusting over and I finally got it .. Did it up and now it is sitting pretty on my table with all my wood mounted stamps on it .. Nice .. I likey ..

Spent today out shopping for New Pillows and Bed Sheets for home and went to the Hair dressers for a quick trim before CHA .. kekeke .. needed to get some volume off .. Dinner with the family and we will be having an early reunion Dinner next saturday .. Plans for this week will be a quick meet with K to get the stuff I have to pack for CHA .. and another quick stop to Ikea (did I ever tell you how much I LOVE IKEA ??? ) .. to get curtains .. I need new curtains as the ones I have now are all old and holey .. kekekeke .. Promise to get some shots of my new Scrap Area and room when it is all nice and neat .. Am doing up some small projects for CHA so it is quite the mess now .. :)



twosweetkids said...

don't forget to collect K's stuff before u meet her ok? hahaha

Benga said...

Hi Sharon, I read your blog! heehee
I'm so jealous of you going to CHA,=P have fun!