Monday, June 16, 2008

And so ..

The weekend passed ,, mackie is still at the doctor's and .. we have a new scrap idol .. yeap .. doesn't sound like much ?? well .. add in a pair of new camper slip ons and 6 new pots from WMF plus snuggly my new "bol bol" (as ting2 would call it) .. and I am one tired person.

Life without mackie was unimaginable and with mackie away at the doctor's for the weekend and not coming back till wed at least is quite the bummer, but I survived with 1 HKG Drama series and 2 books .. bwahhahah .. yeap .. how long ago was it that i actually read but I popped by borders last friday to check out books and ended up with 2 .. finished one on friday night and started on one last nite before bed .. trying to finish reading it before mackie comes back .. ... 3 more days to go .. :)

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