Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates recently ..

really really sorry, I have been scrapping .. just that I cannot be showing you peeps my layouts done recently cause they are all SUPER TOP SECRET ... yes .. one will be disclosed .. erm .. soon ? hahaha like early nov .. :) .. Yes, November will be a super super fun and bz month for me ... with me going to brunei .. and yeah the secret projects .. bwahahah ..

I have been a bad bad DT with FFC too .. sighz .. K has been the most understanding but the next couple of months will be projects for K for CHA .. yeap .. according to K's phone call today .. it is 89 days to go .. 89 .. gosh .. that is like very very soon .. gosh .. but I have my list of to buy items in the US and target is like the MUST go .. and also maybe Michaels ? and also this time I am gonna make sure I do some real shopping .. but with the US currency so high at the moment .. not very very good ..

oh wells .. I shall go off to bed now .. and wake up early to finish at least a couple of projects tmr which are due like .. soon .. ARGHH .. but at least tmr will be a day alone at home with the dogs going to the shop for their weekly bath ... bliss !!!!

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Congrats on your DT with MWL! Congratulations. :)