Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey Hey Hey

I am back ..... back home in Singapore .. wooohooo ..

Had such a great time in Brunei .. I wanna go back NOW!!!!! .. somebody bring me back please .. i think i left a huge piece of me back in BSB ...

I wanna thank Shabby for bringing us to Brunei .. thank you thank you thank you ... U gals are the best .. u made sure we were fed enuff (TOO MUCH) and rested enough .. for that you get 10 out of 10 ... MUAKS!!!

And I have to give a special shout out to the students of my class .. Hilda , Maya, Jackie , Emily, Janiah, Elda, Yati .. u girls are the best .. I had the best group ever .. Thank you all for coming and staying so late with me .. and jackie .. I hope u had a good drive back to KB ( wahhh i sound so local already .. hahahahah ) and janiah .. hope u had enough rest for ur drive the next morning ... gosh .. I am sooo missing u gals already ..

Okay ... wanted to post this when i got back .. will post /update more with peektures later .. :) need to unpack now .. MUAKS


Maya Ariffin said...

Glad ur home safe & sound..Well not sound lah it should be loud hehe..Thanks again for the class, we learn a lot from you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, We got home safely, thanks! We are missing you too... so quiet here now :) Seriously, do come back -- there are other places to see and food joints to visit. Hope your folks are pleased with the stuff you brought home -- mission accomplished (except for the fresh fish). Thanks again for coming over!

{ Yu'er } said...

Miss you already, Sharon! We must ask SC to do this again, it's so fun to have you and Lia here with us!

princess said...

I started missing you both last night already *sniff*

It really was great fun and *fingers crossed* definitely hope we can do this again. SC is so quiet now without your laughter (not forgetting everyone else's).

See you in 6 weeks at IHOP!