Wednesday, February 4, 2009

okay .. so I am back home ..

Yes ... Been back since sunday morning .. and I am sorry for not updating the blog .. would the excuse .. JETLAGGED be acceptable ?

and yes I am jetlagged ... sleeping at 8ish in the evening and waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4am in the morning .... SOOO NOT GOOD FOR ME .. but I sense change .. today i woke up at 6 ... so I am targeting a normal weekend for me, which is good cause I have heaps of new stuff to play with.

Yes, I am grateful for nice friends who are generous with their stamps, papers and templates, giving them to me even before they start shipping to play with, and the best thing is that I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!!! Also that shopping trip to the Art Bar in Santa Ana .. and the trips to Michaels was also kinda fruitful .. hahah and also that secret shopping time at CHA .. I will try to take a picture and post of my loot/stash i got in the States..

Cannot wait for the weekend to come by faster... PDQ, Art Declassified and Timeless touches .. HERE I COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lydia said...

my dear sharon..u're seriously making me very jealous!!! wahahaha

Anonymous said...

so nice....

welcome back!! *huggies*