Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is now 6am ... and ...

I am awake ... Arghhh sooo gonna pay for it later in the day ...

Anyways we will be off to the convention centre at abt 7 so that we can set up our booth and then hopefully to Michaels ..

It is sooo freaking cool that our booth is in a really nice place with 7G behind us, petaloo beside us and AC and Fiskars ard the corner .. and of course our friends from Art Declassified just a little hop skip and jump away ..

I had a class last nite with leandra from Paper artsy last nite and it was a really fun class with her sharing with us all the tips and tricks using the nice nice stuff from Ten Seconds studio and Claudine Hellmuth ...

okay .. gotta go hit the shower already ..

Update later if I have the time ..


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