Sunday, January 18, 2009

preparation for CHA !!!!

okay .. the count down to CHA has officially started ... (well it started for quite some time already except that .. who's counting ??? )

Things that I have to carry there are already placed in my room ... and projects are already done ... the wheels have already started to rumble in prepartion (all I need to do is get my luggages back and I am ready to pack) .. classes have been signed up .. i have decided to not sign up for any cha classes (Tim Holtz, you are too popular, all your classes have already been snapped up once it went on sale), so I am going to the coolest place in LA to have a class with the paper artsy ppl .. well I am going to use tons of ranger stuff from what the class description says so I am quite happy with it..

All my passes have already been printed and kept into my folder .. THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH Shabby for the Badge .. u dunno how much i appreciate it .. and I am wating for the fiskars confirmation to the party and another thing I am looking foraward to is FAYE got me a melting pot in sydney and she will be bringing it there .. FAYE .. i am sooooo looking forward to seeing you ... how very exciting rite ??


triumphgirl said...

hehe... you owe me BIG girl! Got u melting pot and let u know abt the paper artsy class. I am soooo looking forward to this trip - no kids! You'll get to see the real me ;) Faye

princess said...

When's the Fiskars Party??? Can I crash? *muahahaha* I'll be at the MM pre-show sampling the drinks and food *hehehe*. Not too sure if I can go far at 3pm!

Meet you at IHOP for brekkie? Can't on Monday morning. Tuesday?

Tell me about it. The plane ride is gonna be a real pain. I pray for an empty flight both ways so that I can sttttrrrrrrreeettttccchhhh! Will sms you when I get there! CAN'T WAIT!!!!