Friday, October 5, 2007

3 new babies

Came home yesterday to the 3 new additions to my home .. kekeke ppl .. meet the 3 babies of the house now .. they wreck havoc, have the most drool , makes the most noise but now is loved the most .. eeeke ... meet ...


She is sooooo cute ... i swear ... she runs circles ard me and loves cuddles ... ekekekek



This one is such a princess ... I have not heard her bark or go ard the house .. and she looks so regal .. ekekeke

Ching Ching

Ching Ching

Okay this one is a super yapper .. ahahahah . but such a cutie cause she yaps and yaps but den runs far far away and she snorts ... whhahahah ...

these 3 have brought some fun to a very quiet home .. heheheh .. maybe u peeps will see more blog updates because of them ??? hehehe


Anonymous said...

So cute...Erm...the 3rd one look so ang mo...

Marr said...

you bought all 3??? Seriously arh? Peifu!