Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Word of 2009

yeap since everybody is doing their word of the year .. why not me .. hahah since i am such a copycat ...

So my word of the year is ... DECLUTTER .. yeap ...

need to DECLUTTER my whole life and cut back on taking on too many things

need to Declutter my whole SB stash and work with what I have already and not get every single darn new arrival

Need to declutter my whole wardrobe .. if i have not worn anything for the last 6 months .. i wun be wearing it ever again and it should go to somebody my size .. hahah

Need to Declutter my whole shoe collection ... yeah .. those heels that kill me wearing them .. OUT THEY GO !!!

Need to Declutter my body .. or rather detox and lead a healthier lifestyle .. (this is something already on-going and glad to say it has had some physical changes already .. wooo hoooo )

and seriously need to declutter my personal emotional side ... too much inside of me .. and i have to stop getting involved in other people's emo life too ...

So ... I have the whole year to DECLUTTER and i hope it wun take a year .. hahahaha ..

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StormMummy said...

Good luck with your mission!